Optimize your company processes with the use of our products.

Irrespective whether in regard to the generation or processing of documents, their storage, management or archiving. Our document management triboni: DMS helps you bring order into your business processes.

Should your creditor accounts in future be recorded, assigned and released electronically? Our triboni: Accounts Payable solution will decisively facilitate your work.

Do you want to link your ERP system to your document management? You can present a multitude of integration scenarios by using our flexible triboni: ISEC product.

Do you want to easily integrate scanned documents in your system infrastructure? Or should the scanning of a document automatically launch a workflow that has been modified to meet your specific requirements? With our triboni: Xerox MFP Suite, this and much more is possible directly from your Xerox MFP.

Do you work in the field of pharmaceuticals and utilize standard operating procedures (SOPs) in order to comply with statutory requirements? No problem. With triboni: SOP, we have the solution that will optimally support you in the adherence to the applicable regulations.

Do you want to archive your documents electronically? Or perhaps digitize your existing archive and in future work in a paperless manner? Our triboni: Archive product offers a variety of functionalities that will assist you in these efforts.
Since July 1st, 2017
we are also certified to be "GeBueV"-compliant. This makes us to the first certified online platform as part of the certification program of KRM.

Are the projects in your company becoming increasingly complex and are various people and companies involved in them? With our digital project filing system triboni: Project Dashboard, you and other project participants will have access to the project data at all times and from anywhere.

Do you work in the field of HR and would like to have access to your personnel files at all times? This is not a problem with our triboni: eDossier solution. You will have detailed control on the access to the files and by using document templates, contracts and other documents can be generated with just a few clicks.

All of our solutions are web-based and can be either used as a cloud service or installed in your own data centers. All of our products can also be used in combination with each other in order to support your daily work in an optimal manner. Many of our customers are initially only interested in a single specific product, but quickly recognize the advantages of the entire range of the Triboni products and order additional products or expansions. Due to the fact that requirements and needs can change in the course of time, all of our solutions are designed in such a manner that changes can be performed quickly and with little effort. Would you like to learn more about our products? Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

triboni: DMS - Document management and file plan

Our DMS offers everything you need for efficient document management: Preparation and editing, version control, search, archiving and security.

Well-structured document storage allows access to your documents at all times. By using a search function that is operated in an intuitive manner, documents can be located quickly by using attributes that can be selected. Or use the directory favorites in order to have immediate access to your most frequently used directories.

You can store your documents either manually or simply via drag & drop to the desired directory or file plan. Additional information can be recorded by entering attributes and tags. This will enable the retrieval of the documents at a later point in time even with complex directory structures with just a few clicks. When using file plans, the attributes can be determined individually per file plan, which will simplify the document search even further. With the integration with triboni: Xerox MFP Suite, documents can also be stored directly in the Xerox MFP or by means of a scanner plug-in in the DMS.

With our Office integration, documents can be edited locally and the changes can be stored in the DMS as a new version. During editing, the documents remain locked for the other users. The versioning ensures that all performed changes can be retraced at all times. The access to documents can be limited by means of access lists to individual users or user groups. This facilitates the protection of confidential documents against unauthorized users.

Should your documents additionally be archived in an audit-compliant manner? Our triboni: Archive solution offers the suitable supplement to this.

We would be happy to advise you in this and work out a suitable document management system together with you for your specific organization and structures.

triboni: ISEC - Integrated Services ERP Connector

The bridge between your ERP system and the document archive.

Each larger organization usually is equipped with an ERP system and a document archive that is separated from it. Usually, the two data spaces remain separate from each other or are only insufficiently integrated with each other. Should data from one system be adopted in the other or when links should be established between the two systems, this can often not be performed in an automated manner or considerable effort is involved to facilitate this. With triboni: ISEC, you can build a bridge between these two systems.

Our triboni: ISEC product can be configured in a flexible manner and is easily expandable. A wide variety of integration scenarios is possible. In the simplest scenario, the documents are linked with the corresponding ERP object in the DMS, as a result of which the documents can be opened. However, more complex scenarios can also be drawn up, in which data is transferred in both directions by means of synchronization. Or the system will for example automatically generate a directory in the DMS for each order made in the ERP. When documents are then uploaded into the corresponding DMS directory, the system will automatically generate a link in the ERP, enabling the opening of the document directly from the ERP. The same mechanism can be used with our triboni: eDossier product, in order to automatically generate a directory in the DMS for each personnel file set.

Currently, triboni: ISEC supports the integration of the DMS systems EMC Documentum, OpenText, Sharepoint or triboni: DMS with the ERP systems SAP and Oracle EBS.

Do you also require the integration of an ERP system and DMS? Please contact us for a consult.

triboni: Accounts Payable - creditor workflow

The creditor workflow ensures the efficient processing of your supplier invoices and facilitates improved control and clearer storage.

When the incoming invoices in paper or electronic form begin to stack up and the effort required for their processing becomes increasingly larger, then we have a suitable solution for you. With our solution, the processing times can be shortened considerably and the manual effort can be reduced to a minimum. The invoices no longer have to be filed in the paper archive, but instead can be disposed of after their registration. 

In combination with our scanning solution triboni: Xerox MFP Suite or with our scanner plug-in, the essential invoice data such as supplier, invoice amount and bank details can be recorded automatically. After all invoice data has been recorded, the electronic invoice is automatically sent to the user responsible for the approval by means of a workflow.

With our solution, the users involved in the workflow do not require direct access to your ERP (e.g. SAP). The invoices can be viewed and approved directly from our workflow. The invoice is only uploaded and booked after it has been viewed and approved by the accountancy department.

After processing, the electronic invoice can be archived with triboni: Archive in an audit-compliant manner or stored and linked in an external document management system with the use of triboni: ISEC.

Our flexible solution can be quickly and easily adapted to your specific processes. We would be happy to work out the accounts payable workflow adapted to your company.

triboni: Xerox MFP Suite

The seamless connection between scanned documents and your IT systems (ERP and ECM).

The triboni: Xerox MFP Suite allows your users to integrate documents directly from a Xerox MFP (Multifunction Printer) in your IT systems. After the authentication of the user in the device by means of a smartcard, a user-specific application menu becomes visible on the touchscreen of the device.

The possibilities for the integration are manifold: The scanned document can be stored in an inbox for the later batch processing or the system will automatically launch a workflow for the document. Additionally, the storage in the document management system triboni: DMS or a project folder triboni: Project Dashboard is also possible. Furthermore, we also offer integration points in third-party systems. For example, scanned documents can be linked directly with ERP datasets (SAP, Oracle EBS) or the documents can be forwarded to a different DMS (EMC Documentum, Microsoft Sharepoint, OpenText, ARTS). Of course, we also offer standard functionality such as Scan-To-Email, Scan-To-Home or Follow-Me-Printing.

By means of customer-specific expansions, the solution can be perfectly adapted to your specific company structure and your particular workflows. We would be happy to present the corresponding possibilities to you.

triboni: SOP - Standard operating procedures & quality management

Reduce the effort required for the management of SOPs to a minimum.

In many pharmaceutical companies, the management of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) is a key task. The preparation and maintenance of SOP documents as well as the adherence to the defined steps and the monitoring of training is connected with considerable administrative effort.  The electronic management of SOPs relieves the company and simultaneously safeguards the adherence to the regulatory requirements.

In our triboni: SOP product, both the preparation as well as maintenance of SOP documents is controlled by means of workflows. All steps of the workflow are fully mapped by the solution. The mapped process corresponds to the statutory requirements in accordance with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11. The audit trail manager integrated in the platform safeguards a complete recording of all quality-relevant actions, which are performed in the system. Additionally, external users can be involved in the preparation or revision of SOP documents.

Predefined document templates simplify the preparation and revision of SOPs. The scheduling of deadlines is automatically taken into account by the system and the person responsible is informed in the event of a deadline. The version history shows all versions of a document and additionally offers the possibility of restoring older versions. An integrated training manager for SOPs at all times provides the user an overview on both the completed as well as pending training. The search via metadata enables the efficient search for documents, training, authors and much more.

The control of underlying processes can be recorded fully electronically, edited, authorized and subsequently archived with working forms.

If required, SOPs and working forms can be organized in a project-related manner with our triboni: Project Dashboard product.

Our solution is suitable for both larger companies as well as for start-ups and can be used either as an already validated cloud service or be installed in the company’s data center. Please contact us and we would be happy to show you our system.

triboni: Archive - Scanning & archiving

Digitize your documents today.

With our solution, in future you can store your documents in a space-saving and paperless manner in an electronic archive. You can access the electronically stored documents at all times and irrespective of your location. Furthermore, the cumbersome searching of files is a thing of the past. With just a few clicks you can find precisely the documents that you require at the time. This facilitates quick response times and provides the foundation for competitive companies.

Scanned paper files appear in a document inbox, where subsequently attributes can be assigned and the files can be stored in the appropriate directory. You will decide yourself how detailed the access permissions to the archived documents should be. If desired, the documents can additionally be archived in an audit-compliant manner.

In combination with our triboni: Xerox MFP Suite product, you have the option of performing the assignment of attributes and classification directly at the scanner. This provides an additional acceleration of the digitization of your paper files.

Should you be interested, we would be happy to assist you in the setting up of a scanning and archiving solution adapted to your specific workflows.

triboni: Project Dashboard - Digital project storage

The efficient tool for all of your projects.

Projects are becoming increasingly complex and the number of persons and companies involved is growing. The exchange of data between the individual stakeholders is becoming increasingly more difficult. Who is working on which documents, who has the most current version? This can quickly lead to mix-ups of documents and document versions.

With our digital project storage, all stakeholders can access all relevant documents irrespective of their location. When a document is currently being edited, then this is visible to all other users. Selected users can be informed of a new version of a document by means of notifications. The documents can be organized in an arbitrary directory structure and the access permissions can be configured in a detailed manner.

Our modularly structured project storage allows the integration of new customer-specific modules. Already present standard modules allow the registration of open issues, joint calendar appointments, project URLs, forum entries and much more.

We would be happy to personally inform you of the possibilities of our digital project storage.

triboni: eDossier - Digital personnel file

Digitize your personnel files and reduce the administrative effort in your personnel department.

The electronic file can be handled easily and enables both HR personnel as well as supervisors in achieving an overview of applicants and personnel. The documents are available at all times and from all locations.

Existing documents can simply be loaded by means of drag & drop into the file. New documents that are to be drawn up (e.g. employment contracts) can be generated with a few clicks from document templates and can subsequently be modified with our Office integration. By means of access lists and user groups, the system prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to files that are closed to them.

The electronic file can be linked to your ERP (SAP, Oracle EBS) with our triboni: ISEC product, ensuring that you have access to all relevant documents at all times.

Of course, our file can be modified to meet your specific requirements with very little effort.